Kerry Wilde is a Feminine Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Writer, and Wild Heart Luminary weaving the medicine of the ancient healing arts to support women to
rise in to their true power.

Energy healing, Well Woman Yoga, Essential Oils, Womb Alchemy, Storytelling and Writing as the foundation of her work to help guide through healing processes and find the next steps in living with greater health, empowerment and creative fulfilment. She hosts Workshops, Regular circles and Sacred healing sessions for women online and in-person.  Offering Retreats for women in UK and abroad.

As a pure-heart visionary, she believes we can make this world a better place through clear authenticity, integrating the shadow, remembrance, reclamation and embodiment. Kerry's area of passion is to support women through transitions and lifecycles. A community leader passionately creating gatherings in London and around UK with a focus on women's wellbeing and healing. Her work started within her own community organising Wellbeing workshops, Yoga classes, Circles and Healing festivals.

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