Spiritual Motherhood

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My daily Sadhana looks a lot like this. One of the limbs the ancients forgot was Motherhood! I honour all of the mothers out there and all of the little masters that chose to take us on an adventure. They come to stir it, shake it, melt it, renew it and bring us back to our rawest & fullest connectIon to LOVE & DIVINE UNION.

And it is an all day everyday practice of yoga. In fact right now my little pea is in bed after being sick and so the weekend plans are potentially out!! I can't always choose when I step on my mat or bow to the guru, with these two teachers it could be while wiping bottoms or pouring cereal that we sing mantra or have a dharma talk. I enter the sacred temple in the shopping aisles or at the school gates. I can be doing the most mundane tasks and in comes the sometimes gentle warmth of nurturing of mindfulness, focus, clarity. Other times it's like a sledgehammer to the head, I am stripped of my name, my baggage and any attachments.... are my kids the only awakeners out there? Some moments feel all encompassing and intense. Other moments just that gentle flicker of the flame, that telepathic thread lightly woven holding this web of heart union.

These two master sprites teach me so much about my Self every single day. They could hold their own spiritual workshops to show us how it's done -seriously evolved! I'm listening to their teachings.. and they just don't seem to fit with 'the way we've always done it'. We are transitioning into a different way and I can't put my finger on what this 'way' looks like but I know it's the Way to the heart of humanity. My kids are holding the torch and leading this golden path as I humbly unfold and unravel lifetimes quietly and wildly. I commit to not passing the old ripples on to them. I commit to releasing the deep suffering of my ancestral line for good. It stops here folks!

Like in a studio asana session these guys hold the shiniest mirror upto the aspects that are not in the clearest most crystal of alignment. If they sense a statement, action, emotion that is not coming from me/ my wisdom they don't take it on. They push it back, this resistance has been a huge lesson... cont in comments ✨

Enquiry. When I go in and receive the seed of truth and share from that place-they respond, open, soak it up. We breathe deeply- together. Sometimes there's tears, shouting, standoffs but we are getting to the truth with all the tools & intention to be the love.
They show me how to let go of small stuff that the 'little i' thought were rock solidly important parts of my identity. My righteousness, my belief systems - they dismantle it all and we watch it crumble. I am reborn so majestically through their wonderment and inquisition, breathing deeply and we let it all go- together.
They show me the hilarity of the mis-aligned masculine that comes to play when i repeat the words 'should' and 'need' ' when I asked the first time'. This shadow that is time conscious, in 3D pushing, doing, in linear lines, in boxes, in cages... they remind me that life isn't like that! They jump and prance and show me what's important- we hug, we cry, we giggle and we breathe life in - together. I choose love. We are working on respect and presence together. We are born Wild, Free, Sovereign. Lest we forget!
They adjust me when I am already on my knees with life, when I think I am opening as fully as is humanly and humanely possible! They guide me to go deeper. My heart can take it they whisper. I can surrender again and again. We breathe life in and we expand, grow and thrive- together. We are a magnificent work in progress and they are my gurus I honour both of these beautiful beings for choosing me to be their mum. 
All the kids on the planet are here to awaken us to Love. Their message is LOVE. The pureness of their heart and the innocence in their eyes can build new worlds. Their Love runs as deep as the oceans and they have so much wisdom, they know, you know.. let's listen to them everyday.