Kerry Wilde offers a select range of healing arts and tools supporting women to feel more Radiant, Embodied and Connected through the framework of Circular Living.

We work together to release emotional blocks that are preventing expansion. My approach is to re-direct the current of energy from the Head, back into the body to find your own Intuitive wisdom. In each moment your body is trying to guide you towards your best version of YOU and i support you how to get there.

I work with many women that are feeling overwhelmed, lost or in transition. Many of my clients physically feel in a state of burnout. Working together we align back the heart, body and soul.  I weave Energy Healing, Embodied Movement Medicine, Womb Yoga, Meditation and Feminine empowerment tools to support you to literally become the Queen of your life.

Working with me you will start your journey back to wholeness, purpose, power and joy. Feeling that deep sense of 'inner knowing' once more.

I offer safe space, integrity and commitment. There are many ways to connect and work together through 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats.  My offerings include:

  • Highly confidential 1:1 in person Mentoring and Healing sessions

  • Online sacred space holding including Mentorship programmes, Circles and Distance Energy Healing

  • Integrative workshops and Retreats connecting women with other women in Uniting force of Sisterhood



As featured in Pachamama retreat blog by Poppy Cooper