My intention is to help you discover your Truths, & gently guide you to uncover your deepest knowings, helping to free yourself of old patterns and limiting beliefs.

Are you desiring to live more of your Truth and
claim your feminine vitality?

During my years of working as a Healer and Yoga teacher privately, I continue to witness common health concerns and a tendency for women to deplete in energy often leading to burnout.

Are you Suffering from constant low level anxiety due to a lack of support?
Are you feeling disconnected, frustrated by unfulfilled dreams in life and in business, new or busy mother, struggling with Soul purpose or craving change

Are Hormonal imbalances and menstrual symptoms affecting your quality of life?
Do you suffer with PMS, amenorrhea (no period), ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, heavy bleeding, irregular cycle, painful cramps, bloating, rage, crying spells, mood swings, low libido, breast soreness, postpartum challenges

Are you reaching for cravings constantly? Are addictive tendencies getting you down? Do you constantly reach for the things that are not serving you? Alcohol, sweet foods, toxic relationships?

Are you living as a sensitive woman, deeply intuitive possibly psychic & not able to cope?
Do you feel overwhelmed by dense energies or haunted by traumatic events from your life, sensitive to the world around?

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Just know that to Feel like the Sensual, Radiant,
a fully Embodied woman of depth in your
full spectrum majesty is your Birthright.

What if you created a new language in your body, mind and spirit that weaves the message of Self Love- daily?

The reason I'm able to guide women on their path towards Self Mastery and deep Fulfilment is because I have walked the same path.

What I offer is what I have experienced, embodied and live now.
I bow to you on this path of self discovery and I would be honoured to support your ever evolving journey.

Soul Guidance sessions are in-person, via phone, Whatsapp or Skype.

I begin by seeing clients regularly, ideally on bi-weekly basis in order to establish routine, then weekly to anchor more support and graduate on to monthly and eventually to an as-needed basis. I always educate on the cyclical nature of how your body functions before making recommendations. A devoted, longer term commitment to your self discovery and healing will help establish a strong foundation, achieving lasting results to rock your feminine health and spiritual practice.

Session may include:
·       Sacred space holding
·       Energy Activations & Womb Healing
·       Movement practices specific to release & renew
·       Guided visualisations & meditations
·       Cycle Awareness Education
·       Well Woman Yoga therapy & individualized exercises
·       Affirmations & the power of Prayer
·       Embodiment practices to focus on each week
·       Energy clearing & trauma release   
·       Doterra Essential Oils personalized blends

We'll also establish a cyclical mindset so you are familiar with those times in your cycle where you'll need to rest, & when to maximize peak energy times to bring forward your gifts meaningfully to the world. You'll also learn embodiment techniques to awaken your sexuality, creativity and establish ritualized self care, and adopt lifestyle protocols to sustain you on your healing path.

What you will receive:
·       Package of 10 x 60 minute sessions by phone or Skype
·       Unravel past conditionings and wounds to access new Truths, through shadow work, energy healing, self inquiry and transformational breakthroughs
·      Follow-up emails to track your progress and celebrate your achievements   

You may also add on extra    
·       Womb Blessing and Reiki Healing sessions to create spaciousness and energy to flow effectively

One session £70

Pack of 2 £130

Pack of 4 £260

Package of 10 over 3 months £620

Do you want to find out if we could work together? 
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