“Having now completed Reiki 1 & 2, I'm finding it much easier to call the healing energy in, and to enjoy its benefits. I've been much more relaxed in general across my life, and I feel as though the attunements have been a major factor is slowing down my pace, and allowing me to hear more clearly what my body needs. I've had very positive experiences and feedback with the sessions I've given so far, and look forward to being able to do much more in the months and years to come. Reiki is an invaluable skill that I'm so grateful to have and now be able to share! “ Olissa

Reiki level 2 is the second of 3 levels of attunement. During this course, you will receive the Reiki Level 2 Attunement and in depth practical training, further enhancing and refining your ability to work with Reiki.

Over 1 full day you will receive the following:

◦The initiation into the three sacred Reiki Level 2 symbols.

◦ Reiki Level 2 attunement, which will significantly increase your personal energy.

◦ The Distance Healing technique across space and time (“Enkaku Chiryo” in Japanese), allowing you to heal your past, prepare for the future and help others even when far away.

◦ Techniques for automatic and multiple healing, enabling you to send Reiki to recurring events and to a number of receivers at the same time.

◦ How to give a Reiki treatment using the symbols.

◦ Plenty of practice.

◦ Aspects of the professional practice, keeping treatment records, insurance, choice of treatment space, code of ethics.

* A comprehensive course manual and certification in Usui Reiki.

(We will also be offering free advice after the course by email and telephone).

Next course date:
Sunday 25th November 10.00 – 6.00pm

Investment: £160 (+ £2.00 booking fee)

Spaces limited. Pre-booking essential N

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