SPIRITUAL FASHION - An experiential workshop

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SPIRITUAL FASHION - An experiential workshop


Spiritual Fashion – Sustainability, Ethics & Adornment

Ever stopped and wondered where your clothing comes from?

Do you get dressed mindlessly and wish to feel more connected, confident and beautiful?

Maybe you have watched the documentaries but still don’t really understand the social and environmental impacts of your own collection of clothing? Or what you can really do day to day?

This workshop is less about the GUILT and more about EMPOWERMENT. Just like the shopping bags & plastic straws these will be Real changes we can all make when it comes to our own collection of Clothes.

Are you ready to become a Fashion Activist and shop in a more meaningful way that supports our planet?

This experiential workshop will unify the worlds of Spirituality, Ethics and Adornment. Inviting you to greater understand about your Wardrobe, how to lead with Sustainability and how to shop + dress more Mindfully. Taking you on a journey from Inner to Outer this 3 hour workshop will give you a new shopping experience. It will be fun, connective and offer you the wealth of knowledge to dress with more integrity + deeper meaning.

What is included in this workshop:

·         Clothing swap shop

·         Expert lead interactive Talk on how Clothing affects our planet and ways you can become more sustainable in your wardrobe immediately

·         The art of Devotional dressing secrets

·         And so much more..

Date: 6th July 2019

Time: 10-1pm

Cost: £20 (intro price)

Please bring items for swap shop to walk away with brand new items- more details will be sent privately

About Kerry:

Kerry studied BA Fashion & Textiles and worked in the Fashion industry for multiple brands over a period of 20 years – working as Retail assistant, Garment Technician & Stylist. During her corporate Head Office career Kerry also trained as an Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher and Women’s wellbeing Mentor becoming invested in the direct experience of healing and growth through the vehicle of the body. Studying Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Womb wisdom as well as extensive Self-development Life Coaching.

Kerry’s main passion is in Environmental stewardship through Embodiment. Bridging the movement of Slow Fashion with our own Movement, Activism, Creativity and Connection. Connecting women back to the medicine of the Earth to bring greater Fulfilment and Radiance.



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