Why Womb Healing?

The Womb Healing and Womb Blessing sessions will give you an understanding and deep knowing of the Feminine. When discovered this feels as if you are reclaiming a lost piece of knowledge within your body. These sessions can be very gentle and powerful. The core power that we are so often searching for actually resides within the energetic centre of our own body.

The foundation of my womb healing work is to bring true connection to all aspects of what it means to be a woman and the power we can call on in all phases of our life.

My intention is to bring more accessibility to anchor in the energy of our wombs, bringing awareness of the power of our menstrual cycles. Changing the inherent mindset of ‘the curse’ to an empowered way of living our lives in a cyclical way.

What is Womb Healing?

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I am trained as a Womb Healer (Moon Mother) with Miranda Grey. My Womb Alchemy sessions are part Womb healing and Divine feminine transmission.Each session involves meditation, healing through a Reiki-style energy transfer that is healing, nurturing, empowering.

I create a safe container that is held by the communion with the Divine Feminine energy.

1:1 Womb Alchemy Healing Session - £50.00

1:1 Womb Blessing Session (Attunement) - £65.00

Womb Healing Pack of 5 Session £200 (1 free)

Womb Alchemy session can help you to fully Embody your feminine energy. Accept and enhance your fertility, creativity, sexuality and spirituality. The essence of both the healing and blessing attunement are to re-align and re-balance the archetypes that live within our menstrual moon cycle.

Womb Workshops are where we delve deeply into removing any energetic and emotional blocks standing in the way of accessing your core power. Sharing from my own journey in to the wisdom of the womb and how tapping into this area brings a deep nourishment to all women. Working with the Feminine principle begins to Ignite the power that resides within us.