Shakti Yoga

I am a trained practitioner of Well Woman Yoga therapy with Uma Dinsmore Tuli. This therapeutic and deliciously feminine approach to yoga especially for women integrates rhythmic asana (postures) with breath, sound, mudra (gesture) and bandhas (pelvic floor locks and seals) to enhance awareness of our inner woman's wisdom and elemental connections. 

This integrated and harmonious approach to hatha yoga is especially developed to bring comfort and joy to women. It is suited to all women, with or without previous experience of yoga.

Women of all ages are welcome, whether you are complete beginners or super-experienced yoginis or yoga teachers. In fact, any woman who would like a feminine, nourishing and fluid practice with elegant movement flows, delicious breath work, resonant sound, and deep healing relaxation is invited to join her sisters for this women-only class.


“Kerry is an outstanding yoga teacher and healer. Her beautiful energy creates an amazing space where women can safely reconnect with themselves and their own femininity. I would strongly recommend her vinyasa yoga classes and her women circles. They have played a powerful role in my own journey towards owning my own power as a woman.” Annalisa Howes

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Embodied Movement Yoga

I am Vinyasa Flow teacher with an advanced daily practice of kundalini, mantra, mudra and asana. I can offer private session tailored for individual needs from beginners to advanced.

My practice and teaching over the last 6 years has become an invitation for women to come back into their sensual and intuitive bodies through movement. It is all about slowing to the flow, allowing the divine to trickle through, opening up to the portal of softness & power breath by breath. In my sessions, you will sweat, you will move; until each movement becomes a prayer in connection.  Feeling every sensation, navigating every new map and unlocking our bodies as a way to unlock our minds.

My private sessions and group classes can all involve flowing with breath into shapes, meeting our edges and softening into be-ing. I find free movement a liberating way to play and explore the sensations in the body and create a more embodied experience.

Privates and classes can be created
with any of the below sessions:

Shakti Yoga
Vinyasa Flow/ Embodied Yoga


Private Sessions: £40
Pack of 3: £110
Pack of 6: £220

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