Together We Rise

#currentmantra ~this divine image is a powerful visualization of what can happen as we meet each other exactly as we are and support each other to become the sovereign beings that we are. Womxn, Sisters, Daughters, Mother’s, Friends Calling on us... Counting on us to hold hands, bow at each other’s feet, bless each other’s lives, pray with devotion and mostly just own our compassion for others

Surrender To The Dance of Grace

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Surrender to the dance of Grace. The softer you can become, the more space arrives, the more you can radiate out into this world. As I lay here on my sofa I am choosing to let go of any thoughts that encompass past or future and just nestling into this potent Now moment. Wherever you are take a deep luxurious breath and find peace in your Now, noticing a detail of it that you are grateful for. For me, it is my intuition that deep sense of knowing. I always know, we always know but do we act on it? I'm grateful for the lessons that are always gifted in the taking off the bandaid kind of way or deeper or sweeter- trusting those feelings in my body and vibration. I'm honoring this tool and the ease that comes with flowing and following it in the first whisper! Thank you body of grace, soul adventurers, all who journey with me for always talking to me.I've been really quiet, silent, muted, inwards and it has all been so so perfectly orchestrated and nourishing. Sometimes we just gotta drop it all to be able to take that breath Mmmm. From this new space I'm feeling rainbows 🌈 in my field today! Loving you all 

Emerge Spiral

Today is all about embracing and loving myself on a deep level. Honouring the inner moon child and bowing to the boundaries that allow us to play, soften and love even more. The nourishing food, some high vibe audio book, that herbal salt bath 🌿it's been a huge year, big journey to meet myself once more. All I keep coming back to is how much I love myself and deepening embedding that relationship into my structure again..something I have never taken the time to do fully and will never forget again. 
I'm learning that when things just don't feel good in your body there's a message there? An old stuck trauma? Trapped energy? A wealth of wisdom. The stuff we drink in as children can be such a potent brew! When you find that nectar how sweeeeeet?! The spiral for me wasn't probing or running scared amongst the shadows but more a steady stream of Ah-ha guided moments like twinkling stars, meeting medicine of meeting yourself in all of the many facets and forms she walks, breaking down walls and observing, feeling and surrendering..of being crippled by grief and then laughing at my tears as all just an overspill of love. I am beyond grateful to have no partner that needs attending so that I can meet my beloved in this way. Self love at its finest. 
Right now I'm breathing into the 'no's', exploring how it feels to follow through with desires by being even more selective about my yes. That doesn't come naturally for me but it is so necessary for my energy & mental sanctuary right now. As I am rising and emerging, expanding,' No' is creating a soft cocoon bubble of love around me. Setting boundaries is really gifting yourself a big Yes of what you really desire to come in. I'm learning slowly..it brings compassion and understanding to both parties. Creates mutual respect, authenticity and openess and sometimes the universe even gives you a few signs back that you are living your truth! Thanks tricky universe 😅

Soo What do you need to say 'No' to, to create more 'Fuck Yes' in your life

I Will Not Be Tamed

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Whispers penetrating my core "I will not be Tamed." Eclipse shining its truth, cutting the veils I have painfully softened into.
Nothing seems to fit anymore, my body aches for a new sensation.
That knot in my gut is back again. The more I know, the less i can slot back in.
A quiet fire is burning behind my eyes and no-one is prepared for what it is about to be Torched.
Words are worlds.
As I try to sit on this fire the more my heart crumbles, I can't wear your masks anymore. 
I let the flames fan around this lie as a watch on, I know there is nothing to do. I choose death. It's slow, it ripples, I think it's over but the steeper it rises. I know this process of dying is key, I will honour this moment as if it were my birth into a new lifetime. "Death becomes you child." The taming is over. I take my first inhale and the words "Thank you" reverberate loudly through every cell.